Three games in one book!

In this amazing game book, children can play three different games in each picture, while learning interesting things about ancient cultures.

  1. Younger children will have to find certain objects hidden in the picture.
  2. Those of mid level will look for details that begin with a certain letter.
  3. And the older ones will have to find objects that are out of time, such as ancient Mayans wearing sunglasses!

Echa un vistazo al interior:

A super-fun cardboard game-book, in which children of three different levels can have fun searching for specific concepts in spectacular illustrations full of details and humor.

Several siblings can enjoy the same book and play together regardless of their age!

And once they have played, they can find the solutions to see if they have done well, as well as an interesting list of curiosities about the cultures represented, IN THIS LINK!

Supported by Departament de Cultura.

Información adicional

ISBN: 978-84-17210-14-4
Author: Joan Subirana "Subi"
Age: +3 years
Format: Cardboard, 27*37 cm
Pages: 14
Price: 15 EUR


Castellano, Inglés, Catalán