A tale to learn what diversity is

No one is perfect and we must accept others as they are.

Lula is a little turtle that has just started in a new school. But she is surprised to find that her new classmates make fun of her because she is so slow.

The teacher notices and, through a game, makes them see that they all have strengths and weaknesses. It teaches them that no one is perfect and that we have to respect each other because, deep down, we are all as different as we are the same.

“A must-have book for every classroom, home, leisure facility and educational space… Straight to my must-have bookshelf, to stay there forever and ever.” – Creaduca


Los conejos literarios: “Without a doubt, this is a fun way to teach our children the most important values they should know and use in their daily lives.”

Mama.soltera: “Perhaps this book should be read by everyone, not just children, because of the lessons that are learned in it.”

Mis cuentos infantiles: “It embraces diversity and encourages acceptance of differences, based purely on respect for others. As for the illustrations, they could not be sweeter or more colorful, and the cardboard format allows the book to be read and reread while tiny hands grab it from all sides…”

Mi mundo con ellos tres: “I believe that this story is a must read for children and adults alike, especially in schools, because it is a very valuable resource when it comes to dealing with or avoiding bullying.”

Additional information

ISBN: 978-84-18664-12-0
Author: Javi Costales
Age: +2 years
Format: Cardboard, 18*18
Pages: 22
Price: 12,95 EUR


Castellano, Catalán, English, English

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