The traditional fairy tale, now in verse

The classic fairy tale The Boy Who Cried Wolf is brought to life in this book! Fantastic, fun, full-color illustrations go with the story, which is written in verse.

Peter is a shepherd in a small and faraway town

with Fido, his best friend and the most loyal dog around.

Each morning, he puts the sheep out to pasture,

but waking up so early and being alone led him to disaster!

Thanks to its size, this story book is an ideal way to show off the fantastic illustrations and allows readers to imagine themselves in the scene, as if they were part of the story. A classic tale with a timeless message.

·Large format

·Fantastic illustrations

·Learn to not tell lies

·Rhyming text

The entire Classic Rhyming Tales collection has rhymed text: using rhythm is a great way to read to young children, while the older ones can work on rhyming.


La estantería de Ana: “It is an ideal story for children who are starting to read or for parents who want to tell their children a story.”

Los conejos literarios: “Along with Peter, we learn that lies never lead to anything good. The allusive illustrations were delightful.”

Mis cuentos infantiles: “This version has completely won me over.” “This is a fantastic book, with beautiful illustrations and a wonderfully rhymed text that will appeal to all.” “Highly recommended.”

Lupa del Cuento: “The fun, colorful and expressive digital illustrations recreate the famous story about the consequences of lying. An adaptation of the popular tale also known as The Boy Who Cried Wolf. A collection of classic tales with a large, clear typeface and simple rhymes, ideal for reading to very young children, or as first independent reading books…”

Additional information

ISBN: 978-84-18664-10-6
Author: Bernat Cussó
Art by: Meritxell Garcia
Age: +2 years
Format: 22*22cm
Pages: 28
Price: 12,95 €


Castellano, Catalán, English, English