The traditional fairy tale, now in verse

The classic tale The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats comes to life in this book! Fantastic, fun, full-color illustrations go with the story, which is written in verse.

A wolf wants to enter the house of the seven little goats to gobble them up when their mom is away. Before leaving, Mama Goat warns them to be careful with the wolf, so when he arrives, the little goats are not fooled. They notice that the wolf has a very deep voice and black legs. But the hungry wolf manages to get in.

The seven little goats hide in seven different places, but the wolf finds six of them and swallows them without chewing. When Mama Goat gets home, she comes up with a brilliant idea to free the goats and, incidentally, teach the wolf a good lesson. The little goats learn that they should not let strangers into the house.


The little ones will learn to heed the advice of parents and not talk to strangers


Mi libro y mi café: “As I read it to my 2-year-old daughter, she didn’t miss any detail. I give it 5 stars because I think these are stories that every child should have on their shelf.”


Los conejos literarios: “It’s a beautiful children’s story that brings the protagonists closer to our days, giving them a closer look. The magnificent illustrations make reading more enjoyable, and those who haven’t started yet in the world of letters can enjoy them while their parents read to them.”


Trastadas de mamá: “These children’s tales have rhymed texts, which make them more attractive to read, and their full-color illustrations are wonderful.”


Lupa del cuento: “Fun, expressive color digital illustrations recreate a tale about cunning and a job well done. Adaptation of the well-known folk tale. A collection of classic stories with a large and clear typeface, and with simple rhymes, ideal for reading to children from an early age, and as independent first readings…

La estantería de Ana: “The illustrations in this book are wonderful. The rhyming text, which is quite funny, makes it easier to read and intensifies the attention.”


Mis cuentos infantiles:  ”This children’s story transmits important values to us such as perseverance, effort, empathy, help, decision-making, the cause-effect relationship … Great!”

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Additional information

ISBN: 978-84-17210-34-2
Author: Jöse Sénder
Art by: Laia Guerrero
Pages: 28
Format: Hard cover, 22*22cm
Series: Rhyming Fairy Tales
Price: 12,95 €


Castellano, Catalán, English, English

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